Pharm Fresh Flowers

Small Batch.
Top Shelf.
Craft Cannabis.

Our flower is grown, watered, harvested, and trimmed by hand.  Focused on supporting the economy and the greater community by building and sustaining a conscientious business model. We actively support and contribute to local arts and music, as well as our fellow humans, and four-legged friends in need. It is our mission to deliver stellar product at an affordable price. We believe in living wages and humans before automation. The company culture is about positivity and good-times with goodwill toward all people. At PharmFresh Flowers, we are extremely grateful for our small, locally owned farm, and strive to represent the best of Oregon cannabis culture.

Proud Supporter of Food for Lane County
Proud Supporter of Greenhill Humane Society
Proud Supporter of Red Lodge
Proud Supporter of WOW Hall
Proud Supporter of MAPS
Proud Supporter of Northwest Dog Project

PharmFresh Flowers is a proud member of the Oregon Cannabis Association.